Rates - EArellanoPhotography


Session Fee :: $175 ($125 M-Th)
- 1 HOUR SESSION at the location of your choice
- Time & Talent of the photographer
- At least 40 beautifully retouched images in an online gallery to share
- The session fee does NOT include any image files or prints. These must be purchased separately.
- Minimum print order $225
- Photos must be ordered within 10 days of gallery upload- $25 gallery re-load fee, extending gallery for 7 days.

Print Packages begin at $225 but most clients spend at least $800 on Sessions.

*Session Fee is due in FULL at the time of sitting
* Print orders must be paid in full before orders are sent to the lab.


Making your special show dog look like a stunning Champion whether it is for your website, Advertisements, or above your fireplace!  Bad photos can ruin the career of your dog, but all you need is one great photo!  

Trust us behind the lens to make your dog shine! 

**Please ask for our new Pricing for Fall 2016**

* Please note that Mini Sessions (Breed Standard & under) are only available at dog shows or previously agreed upon group sessions.  Group Sessions can be arranged with 10 or more dogs; Travel rates are applied and split between clients.

Senior Sessions

I have the biggest soft spot for the white-faced oldsters. They've given you so much love and dedication through their life and while we hope these special friends can live forever, their time draws short. What better way to remember them than through beautiful, special photos?

Whether you need a session immediately or we have time to schedule one, this special session is discounted and includes a print credit.

Please contact me so I can meet your special oldie.
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